Thank You for Our Project, Jessica

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I know I haven't exactly been keeping my promises on the due dates and I'm only fortifying the stigma that I touched on in my last email but I've still got a few questions. (Did you get my last email, by the way?) Anyway, would you just like me to submit what I have? I have well over two minutes and way more than five angles. Sound has also been added and mixed. The entire movie, however, is not finished. It should give you enough to grade or at least be a worthy placeholder until I can really submit a product I'm not totally disappointing with. I know it may be hard to even fathom what could possibly be taking so long but I've been mulling over several other things regarding this project.

One of the reasons I can't seem to get anywhere and one of the areas I'm constantly getting hung up on is the nature and tone of the project itself.
I wanted to establish a sort of creepy and unsettling mood for the project and I can't achieve what I was originally visioning in my head. Some of the animations employed simply seem to make their scene seem frivolous, silly, and awkward. I may spend up to an hour or two just trying to figure out how to make the seemingly insignificant feel "right."

Another issue that I'm having is that there are several frame rate and "frame jump" mishaps that have occurred during the initial picture taking. Sometimes the character will "jump" from one shot to another and, subsequently, the scene appears…

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