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Christy Williams Dr. Huston English 1301 September 28, 2014 Thank You for Shopping With Us Customers must take several precautions when shopping, especially those on a budget. There are traps all over the stores, from the parking lot to the meat department. Some of the pretty well hidden, some are quite obvious. Grocery stores use several marketing tricks and strategies to get customers to spend more money in their stores. Walk into Kroger, the smell of rotisserie chicken fills the air. This lures the customer to deli, but he came for milk. By the time he gets to the milk, he has a rotisserie chicken and macaroni and cheese. How did this happen? In most Krogers, and other grocery stores, the deli is located in the front of the…show more content…
She continues down the aisle and spots a jar of pickles. She puts those pickles she found in her basket. Now she has an additional item. The plan worked! People buy in bulk when they believe it is a good deal. To be honest, most bulk deals are not good deals, especially if the items have a short shelf life. But there are some things that are good to buy that way, such as toilet paper and toothpaste. Pasta is good, as well, to buy in bulk. Spices are not good to buy in bulk because they may lose their flavor. Produce should mainly be bought as needed. The customer is now in the checkout line. This is usually when customers look at their carts and realize how much they really have. The checkouts really have no room to dump the unnecessary stuff customers have picked up along the way. So they keep it. But there is candy and magazines to pick up and throw in your cart. The kids all want candy and there is a good recipe in the “Good Housekeeping” magazine and after all that shopping, a cold Pepsi would be good, adding even more to the cart. These stores are setup to make customers buy more food and spend more money. Grab the handheld basket instead of a shopping cart. Only get what will fit in it. To avoid impulse buying, eat before grocery shopping. It is never good to take children or spouses either. They can sometimes be more harmful than helpful. Shoppers should be focused to avoid the getting caught in the “traps” of the grocery

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