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The Nursing Practice has come a very long way from what is use to be. Nursing was an unwanted profession, difficult and challenging in many ways. It was thanks to the dedication, great effort and sacrifice of many determined nurses that paved the way for contemporary nursing. Dating back to around middle of the first century Christians use to care and tend the sick, serving as one of the first nurses that history can account. When the small pox epidemic occurred in around 165 to 185 AD, these Christians served as nurses. Now, we can imagine how hard it would have been to be a nurse in those days. The conditions were deplorable, with barely any hygiene. There were harsh conditions to work as nurse, and viruses like the measles outbreak in…show more content…
Nursing was even harder for women whose skin color did not favor them at the time, due to racism. A great example was Mary Seacole, a woman with a great determination to cure the sick and tend to the injured. After the many letters sent to Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole receive a letter denying her petition to be part of her team of nurses (Carnegie, 1995). This could have been a setback for an ordinary person, but it did not stop well-determined Mary Seacole, she was everything but ordinary. Her persistence to serve those in need of medical care let her to travel more than 3000 miles to Crimea. With limited resources, she bought and opened a lodging house, in which she took care of the wounded soldiers (Carnegie, 1995). Long after the war was over, she received recognition for taking care of the wounded.
Determination and great effort are some of the words that come to mind when reviewing some of the heroic acts by the great nursing pioneers. World War I brought out to light amazing people. There was great necessity for medical assistance in the battlefield and outside the battlegrounds (Nies and McEwen 2011). Mary Breckenridge is an example of the women whom influenced in medical care of the wounded during the war. Aside from establishing the Frontier Nursing Service (FNS), Mary Breckenridge moved to the rural areas following her passion to care for disadvantaged women and children (Stanhope and Lancaster,
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