Thanks to the Internet, Computers are Mainstream

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Computers have become a mainstream phenomenon, thanks to the spread of the internet. Most homes around the world now have some sort of Internet connection. As more and more people use computers, the overall interest for them grows. Anyone who wants to learn more about computers and gain experience has several options, and one of the best is to build your own. Since you’ve spent a lot of money on components, it's important to be well prepared when building a computer you don't want anything to go wrong because of poor preparations. First, we want to consider what we should not expose our components to. All fluids are conductive, they can transport electricity and cause short-circuits; everything liquid is forbidden. Never put a container of liquid, such as a glass, near the workstation. If you were to use a component that got wet or there is fluid on it there is a great chance of a short circuit. Something that is also harmful to electrical components is static electricity. Computers are protected against this during transportation by being packed in special plastic bags. The best you can do for your components is to leave them in their packaging until it's time for them to be installed. You will have to handle your components sometime and then it is important to be grounded, and you can do this easily by removing all jewelry and grabbing something that has already been grounded, like the case you’re about to install your components in. Subsequently, after 3 attempts at
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