Thanksgiving: Different Traditions For Different Holidays

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Thanksgiving Traditions Everyone has special traditions for different holidays. One holiday in particular is Thanksgiving. For example they could just go to a relative's house or they could just stay home. Or they could eat different dishes like some families eat ham and others eat turkey. Everyone has different traditions and eats different foods and go different places. Most traditions are different between cultures and religion. My family may have different traditions than yours but that doesn't mean that they are still not good.

One of the things that is different in Thanksgiving is food. Like in my house we always start out with vegetables and cold shrimp. You may think that cold shrimp is really weird, but that is just one of things that we enjoy the most. For the main course at
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In my house we normally do not watch the game. Another thing that other people do is the girls go and hang out in the kitchen while the boys hang out in the living room. In my family we all hang out together like a big happy family. And some people don’t even hang out with their family and they just go somewhere else or they just don't talk.

Another thing that most people do different on Thanksgiving would be Travel. Every year we either go to my Uncle Bob’s house or we do it at my house. We mainly do it at my house because it is bigger than my uncles and I have a pretty big family. We have cousins that travel from Iowa to come and stay with us for Thanksgiving. But we do not travel for this holiday.

But most people, they travel for Thanksgiving. Most people travel to their grandma's house or their Aunts house. Almost everyone goes to their aunt's house, it is a really weird coincidence. That just makes my family stand out since it is at my house. Or some people travel to different states to visit some family that lives far away. Or they plan a vacation with family and go somewhere
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