Thanksgiving Dinner Narrative

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Everything was dark, Christopher was nowhere to be found. I was alone my biggest fear came to life as I looked at it in the mirror. In my hand I held a handful of painkillers in my hand with cough syrup. “HELP, I CAN'T BREATHE” I yelled, it was official, no one was there for me. I was on my own with no way out. Standing in my own puddle of blood from my stabbed back my fear became a reality. Where’s my manners, my name Aisha and this is my story about betrayal. It all started thanksgiving dinner, oh I was in awe to see my family. It's been nearly 5 years since we sat at a table all together, but we had been reasons. The last we saw one another was at my sister's faith funeral, she killed herself from depression. “Okay the table is set ”, my…show more content…
As usual, he beat me to the bottom and crashed on a pile of leaves. The round started to tremble and my heart started to shake. “What’s happening”, Jonathan asked as hé followed.” I don’t know, What are you doing here?”, I asked. We raced to the bottom and there was, the hole that swallowed us all together in a blink of an eye. At moment everything changed. I yelled for the name of Jonathan, instead of seeing him come to me in my rescue, their he was lying on the floor. “ Aicha I knew you left and I knew why, but when heard you came back I couldn’t believe it. You look more beautiful than ever.”, he choked in every word. I didn’t know where the blood was coming from, it was everywhere. “ I know why she died? You were right I Keats believed you, but your uncle Damian didn’t do it.”, he said as every single teardrop landed on my shirt. His head near my chest, I was confused. “Where are you bleeding?”, I asked in anger. A glimpse a light shined and there was the bullet in his chest. “Listen to me, he’s here with us here, he did it to Faith. He shot me from telling you.” He was gone. I tried everything, in the end there I was, sitting in his blood trying to hold it together. Before he died he said I was right, Faith was raped, but by the person who was with us. “ Christopher”, I whispered to myself. Everything became even more darker and more silent until the only thing I heard was my heart
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