Thanksgiving Is A Holiday That Comes With A Great Feast

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Thanksgiving is a holiday that comes with a great feast of very different and unique flavors. Imagine the mouthwatering meal, the zest of the ruby-red cranberry sauce, or the sweet scent of a pumpkin pie fresh out of the oven. When imagining tastes and smells sensory cues are often combined. The senses work together, but have you ever wondered how much the sense of taste influenced by other sensory information? If you pinch your nose you will taste less flavor? If the subjects nose is plugged and cannot smell, then can the subjects detect the flavors as well as those with unplugged noses.
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Each and every time a person takes a bite of food, or puts food in their mouth the receptors called taste buds, located in the
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This is very true in the case of a person eating food or drinking a beverage. When a person eats the senses of taste, smell, touch, and hearing combine to form a flavor and experience. For example, when a person eats a taco the smell is that of taco seasoning and the various toppings put on it. What the person feels can either be soft or hard depending on the shell the person picks. What the person hears is dependent on the type of shell and toppings which can add extra crunches. The combination of everything put on the taco provides a flavor rich taste.
A second idea regarding flavor, by Yeoman’s who stated the perception of flavor is a multisensory experience that combines gustation and olfaction. The odors sensed with tastes in the mouth is the result of taste characteristics to the odors when they are sniffed. Thus, when odors are experienced such as with sweet tastes they subsequently smell even sweeter and odors paired with sour tastes smell even sour. These experiences can effect if a person likes certain odors. In many cases odors paired with a sweet smell are well received by individuals compared to odors that are paired with a sour smell which are often not well received.
A third idea about flavor, by Small, is the perception of flavor in foods, and beverages reflect information that is derived from numerous sensory cues which include the olfactory, gustatory, and somatosensory fibers. Although flavor perception

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