That It Could Never Happen

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Never thought it could happen It was a cold fall morning with a light layer of snow on the ground from last night and I was ready to get the day going. I was out hunting this morning with my brother hoping that we were going to get the deer to fill our tags. We split up like we always do. I Went to the swamp he went to the feild. On my way there I was seeing what I thought were bobcat tracks but I didn't worry about it so I went checked to see if there was any markings in the near by tree line, Except there was nothing but another foot print in the trees behind the left side bank. There was nothing that was looking like there was anything that resembled a deer track to a scuf mark on any of the trees near the bank but when I got back…show more content…
I saw a glimpse of the body of it had been circling for the quarter mile that we had walked. My brother lined up a shot but at the angle he was looking at. There was no way he would a area that would kill it instatly I didn't want a pissed off bobcat running straight at so I told my brother to go on the way left side and I'll stay on the right so at some point we will have a nice shot lined up. Then About two or three minutes later, I heard a loud bang of a shot in the distance and we ran to the field where the neighbor had shot the bobcat in the right hind leg and was laying on the ground and trying to move close to us and I held up my brothers rifle. Then a put the animal out of its
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