That Organizations Should Strengthen Their Ethical Leadership

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that organizations should strengthen their ethical leadership behaviors by selecting leaders who will be able to gain the trust of employees to gain a fair perception about the company (Xu, 2014, p. 495). They should do this by continuously practicing their ethical codes and procedures and hire leaders with high moral standards (Xu, 2014, p. 500).
Ethical Leadership
Demirtas and Akdogan (2014) stated that “When behaviors in an organization are perceived to be ethical, these perceptions influence ethical decision making and the behaviors of organizational members as well as their attitudes towards individual jobs” (p.61). The study examined the effect of manager’s ethical leadership on members of the organization. The study argued that by
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There are four different classifications to explain employee’s differences in moral standards (Demirtas 2013, p. 276). The first classification “is the extent to which the individual rejects universal moral rules in favor of relativism that represents a moral philosophy based on skepticism” (Demirtas, 2013 p. 276). These individuals tend to forget the moral standards and base their actions on the specific situation at hand. The second classification which explains the difference in standards for some individuals focuses on idealism. Individuals who practice, idealism tend to have the notion that harming another individual is always preventable and that harming another person will never generate good (Demirtas, 2013 p. 276). When combining these two ideologies they yield very high scores for situationists. The reason they score high for situationists is because of their refusal of basic ideals along with wanting to get positive outcomes that promote situational data that reaches for a moralistic standard (Demirtas, 2013, p.276).
Ethical Climate
An ethical climate also referred to as a work climate can be defined as meaningful views that individuals of an organization hold about ethical social conduct and procedures (Demirtas and Akdogan, 2014, p.61). An ethical leader is an essential condition of an organization to promote an ethical climate, but this is not all that is required. An ethical leader must also practice moral
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