That Was A Great Explanation There Titchener. I Always

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That was a great explanation there Titchener. I always wanted to hear your view of structuralism. See I myself, think that psychology takes on a functionalism approach to the mind. To me, in order to be a functionalist or to study functionalism you have to focus your attention on the benefit and purpose of how the conscious is related to behavior rather than the mind. As a functionalist, I personally believe that the mind has the ability to help individuals adapt to the world around them, but we first have to understand the function of the mind. Functionalists want to make psychology practical. We want to be able to expand the field of psychology. However, in order for us to understand behavior, we must understand what motivates the mind.…show more content…
For example, when someone gets married people become extremely happy for that person and they often tend to cry. The next principle I will briefly talk about is free will. Free will is the belief that we have control over our actions. It’s being able to decide on the right course of action and think voluntarily. All of this pretty much sums up my theory and opinion about what psychology really is. Watson: Well we just really learned a lot there. That was a great detailed explanation of pragmatism and functionalism. Coming back from all of that, I am now going to explain behaviorism from a behaviorist view. My idea of behaviorism was based upon the work of Pavlov. Behaviorism is basically what we learning from the association of things through different types of conditioning. In my opinion, behaviorism is objective and studies behavior without the use of mind and mental process. It can be observed through assessments. When I started at Watson, I wanted to separate psychology from philosophy and focus more on psychology and biology. I was more focused on working with my own work rather than the work of others. People didn’t understand how my work was related to psychology because it wasn’t directly related to the conscious. However, I knew what I was doing and believed that my work would bring forth a new beginning. To start working towards this new beginning I had to first redefine

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