That's King Rolthoss Persuasive Speech

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While the battle continued with the city, a detail of men slowly moved the catapults away, ordered to return to Ironmoor and await further orders. Watching as his troops easily advance, securing block after block, Count Nightburn grew impatient, knowing that his prize was within his grasp, and made the decision to forego the assistance from his army to slip away, proceeding alone to the palace. He found only a handful of guards protecting the entrance and these, he easily dispatched with his sword. Walking unscathed to the palace’s two great doors, opening and stepping inside, he found himself in a long hallway lined with large pillars. Cautiously, he moved down the hall with his way suddenly barred by two soldiers stepping out from behind the pillars, swords drawn, but he dispatched…show more content…
If you refuse, I will kill you. That makes Cassius, the heir apparent and I plan to offer the same deal to him, and if he, too, chooses to refuse, I will kill him also. I will continue this offer until your bloodline surrenders or is no more. Surrender Whitefield or die, simple terms to understand, even for a backward, pathetic kingdom such as this.” You surely understand these conditions, do you not?” Nightburn waited for King Rolthoss’ response. “Yes I understand them, but I simply do not care for them very much. You act as if you have already won.” “I have already won. When you are dead, your soldiers will quit fighting and drop their arms and they will pledge their allegiance to me. My army will grow with the addition of your troops whom you have so kindly provided. Parsis will fall next if it hasn’t already, then it’s game over. This continent will belong to me.” “So you say, but you are too eager, too eager to rule this continent, as was your father and it got him

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