The 10 Steps Of Being A Successful Student

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The 10 Steps of Being a Successful Student
By Ronnie Phillips | Submitted On February 11, 2011

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Expert Author Ronnie Phillips
1. Setting Goals - Students, who set goals are continuously working toward being successful. These students have something positive to strive for, which keeps them on target for success. Another benefit of setting goals involves teaching the students how to develop a successful plan of action for school, which can be carried over to life. Students should develop a variety of goals both short and long term. To keep the focus the students should write goals down and review their progress on a regular schedule.

2. Managing Time - Students are very busy and in order to have success they need to organize their time each day. This can begin by having a planner or calendar that can be used to record all assignments and activities. The planner should be utilized daily, weekly, and monthly. When developing a schedule the students ' first priority is having enough time to study each day. School related business is also a high priority on the planner. In addition to the planner, the student can use a to-do- list of all activities
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