The 11 Principles Of Quality

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Quality. Such a simple word with a multitude of meanings. I must admit, prior to this course, I was rather naïve about what quality entailed. I definitely did not have a concrete definition of what quality was or stood for. It simply seemed as though quality was something that worked most of the time. After the studies from this course I have a much better grasp of how to define quality and what exactly quality means in various areas of life and business. For instance, the 11 Baldrige Principles of Quality are an easily used metric for defining the quality of an organization. Previously, I never would have used these 11 principles to define an organization as quality. Now, I find it hard not to view an organization in relation to the 11…show more content…
Thankfully, the Baldrige principles changed my perspective on quality. As such, I now use a few of the principles to grade an organization. The main principles I find myself grading an organization with are visionary leadership, customer-centered excellence, valuing workforce members and partners and societal responsibility. All eleven of the principles are important. However, these tend to be the most important to me when defining the quality of an organization.
For instance, I now purchase many products from the Newman’s Own brand based on the principles I have mentioned. They have a strong sense of societal responsibility and ensure “100% of profits to charity” is an underlying theme in all they do (Newman 's Own, n.d.). This drew me towards them as a company, then I noticed how much they value their employees and how their core values tend to line up with the 11 Baldrige principles (Newman 's Own, n.d.). After looking into this company and seeing how they operate, I decided to purchase as many products as I could from them and ensure other people were aware of their mission. This is something that would never have been in my realm of possibilities prior to this course. This is not to say I was unaware of being socially responsible prior to this course. It is simply highlighting how my thought pattern has been modified since learning about these specific 11 Baldrige Principles of Quality. After having such an epiphany about quality and how I grade various
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