Essay about The 12 Labours of Hercules

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The 12 labours of Hercules “The Labours Of Hercules” one of the most well known stories from Greek history. A story about a boy that grew into greatness. Son of Zeus, god of the sky, and Alchmene, granddaughter of Perseus. Hercules had never felt as much sorrow as he did on the day Hera, the goddess of marriage and his jealous step mother, had finally paid him a visit. She drove him mad making him kill his family. He instantly fell into grief when he had regained control of his mind after Hera was done what she planed to do. As Hercules stared at his children whom he just slaughtered in cold blood he had to wrestle with his mind to keep from going mad with grief. After releasing that this was no dream or vision he requested for Delphi,…show more content…
This of coarse is yet another violation of the Greek hero cycle for at this point in the hero’s life the hero would be in a state of denial, not wanting to fulfill his quest for many different reasons. Some other situations it is that the hero is unable to continue because he lacks a certain trait or knowledge. But Hercules had no such bad luck he advanced very well threw every labour one by one (97). In a hero’s quest cycle he is often confronted or aided by a wise man/woman that help him reach his overall goal. This is often a big push toward the right direction for the hero. In Hercules’ he is aided by more then one person. Delphi, whom had told him how to atone for his sin and guided him to immortality, and Zeus, whom gave him access to Prometheus in order for him to obtain the golden apples (97-98). These wise people sometimes are also the romantic partner of the hero but not in Hercules’ case. After finishing up his final deeds he decided it was time to remarry, but unfortunately that only lead to his downfall. For he chose Deianeira, princess of Calydon, and she proved herself to be easily tricked “Hercules fell in love with his beautiful daughter, Deianeira.” (104). This lead Hercules to his final battle in which he would be powerless against death. This is how most heroes end there cycle with a final triumph or a disastrous down fall. This is referred to as ‘The Final Battle”. While
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