The 1860 Presidential Election

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How do you think the presidential election is going this year? Many people seem to think that this presidential election is a heated and controversial debate between the Republican and Democratic Party. Some seem to think that as a nation we have never had such contention in an election and that we will never be able to recover from such damage that this election will cause. But history tends to repeat itself in our nation; for example, some of our past elections have caused fear in citizens’ eyes just like this election has done. An example of this is, the presidential election of 1800 between Thomas Jefferson and James Adams, this election caused great worry during that time period. Another election that worried our country deeply was the presidential election of 1860 between Abraham Lincoln and John Breckinridge this election caused our great nation to be divided. Another similarity that both these presidential elections have had, is that at the end of each election the American people have put their political views aside, and united…show more content…
He goes on to explain that both the candidates are untrustworthy in their campaign. Although the mass majority of what Glenn Beck say about each the candidates is negative, he does say a few positive things about both of these candidates that I will later explain in the paper. Currently at this point, in the presidential election, Glenn Beck has not officially endorsed any of the running candidates, but he has given his opinion on each one of them. He has described each of the candidate’s strengths and weakness during the Presidential Debate. He also states on the website and goes into great depth on his opinion on each of their policies for office, and how he thinks each of the candidates it will affect America in the future if they become the
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