The 1920 Wall Street Bombing

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With Occupy Wall Street gaining headway and the country seeing greater inequality than ever, anarchists and socialists protested in the streets of Lower Manhattan’s “Corner” in a rage at the banking systems. Before the turn of the century, the feelings projected toward the financial barons of New York were all but tranquil. Because the majority of the wealth among a few happened at the expense of laborers and echoed with Americans, its result lead to terrorism (King 2011).
On September 16, 1920, an explosion tore through the streets of Lower Manhattan’s “Corner”. The Wall Street Bombing of 1920 was the deadliest terror attack on American soil until the Oklahoma bombing 75 years later. The blast killed 38 people and injured hundreds of
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At 12:01, with the echo of the last bell lingering in the air, the one-hundred pounds of dynamite hidden in the wagon exploded (Andrews, 2014). Shrapnel encompassed the immediate area; people were dropping everywhere. The structures nearby shook as the shock wave slammed through the exterior walls. The cloth awnings that overlooked the streets burst into flames (Bellows, 2007). Next, came a rain shower of glass that drenched the streets from the shattered windows. Nearby, World War I veterans experienced a scene of devastation very similar to that of the battlefields. They initially suspected that cause of such destruction had come from the skies (King, 2011). One witness wrote, “ It was a crash out of a blue sky, an unexpected, death dealing bolt which in a twinkling turned into a shamble the busiest corner of Americas financial center” (Gage 2002).
Thirty people were killed instantly. Eight later died from their injuries and hundreds of others were injured. A majority of the persons killed were messengers making deliveries, stenographers, clerks, and brokers (Gross, 2001).The blast was so strong it sent debris soaring as high as 34 floors and derailed a street car one block over(Andrews, 2014). Buildings shook as their large windows burst inwards. Luckily, most of the occupants inside were spared

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