The 1930's: The Golden Age Of Hollywood

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Today I will be presenting on The Golden Age of Hollywood, focusing on the 1930’s. Now I’m sure most of you kind of have an idea what The Golden Age of Hollywood is. It’s actually a rather broad term that encompasses the end of the silent era to the late 1960’s. The 1930’s marked the inception of the sound and colour revolutions, resulting in the expansion of film genres such as gangster films, musicals, comedies, and animation/cartoon to name a few. The 1930’s was an incredible decade in classic Hollywood history, producing some of the best films that we have so much to learn from in terms of mise en scene, in terms of creativity, in terms of creating a film with PURPOSE, and that is of relevance to our community.

Why do I say this? Just a bit of a recap of the events preceding the 1930’s: The Great Depression was the nail in the coffin to a declining US economy, resulting in empty spirits, and wallets. The films created during then may have differed in genre, but they all had one thing in common - to provide an escape for the people during what what was and still is regarded to have been the darkest times in American history. Which brings me to the next topic: escapist genres.
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For today’s presentation however, I’d like to bring your attention to what is considered to be the most escapist of all major film genres: musicals. They epitomize escapism during the harshest of times. I’ll be touching briefly upon the other genres too, so don’t worry.

Now what makes a musical, a musical? It can vary between the ages, but the best description I can give you is the
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