The 1950s family

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Thesis (The 1950’s family acts the symbol of happiness, togetherness and supports) Introduction Considering the painting of the Norman Rockwell Freedom from want and the photo from Donna Reed Show, it gives me the idea that the 1950’s family value still appeal to Americans and other nations and I will write my essay and support it based on my readings and life experiences. As the upper-middle-class housewife Donna when you critically see the Photo from Donna Reed Show it reflect some points to the viewer that needs to consider Donna is a loving mother and wife, but also a strong woman, an active participant in her community, a woman with feelings and a sense of humor from different points of view. The first thing that I get from the…show more content…
Conclusion2 We all brother and sisters pray to our great parents for made us educated and found suck big position among society and families but it is because of my mom ideas and decisions and my dad huge support. Conclusion In conclusion I can say if we consider different perspective of the 1950’s family it clearly shows and present the ideas of happiness, togetherness, unity and supporting forms of families in different types and stages, it give the chance for family get to their goals and be success in life and society life, and support every member to be happy and live together, the perspective of 1950’s families brings happiness and togetherness among society and living
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