The 1960s Of The United States

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The 1960s in the United States was known for being a period of change. These changes were social, political, and environmental and left long lasting results on the country. People were challenging tradition and breaking free from their conservative pasts in the year’s prior in order to bring about reform to their country. The 1960s was a time where war was very prevalent and this resulted in changes of daily life. Art was transformed as a result and different artists brought new techniques and inspirations that would influence present day art. With the introduction of styles never used before in art, various art movements swept through this iconic decade. John F. Kennedy was elected as president in 1960 and made efforts to expand capitalism across the globe. He believed that the United States’ successful system could serve as a leading model to developing countries and wanted to “help” them. He also wanted to do this because he and other officials feared that such nations with contrasting socioeconomic beliefs could create threats against the United States. His first act as president to move the capitalistic system across the globe was during the Cold War, a period of tension between superpowers after World War II, and it was against Communist Cuba. (“American Histories”) On April 17, 1961, the United States led trained men by boat into the Bay of Pigs on the southwest coast of Cuba. However, they were defeated by Fidel Castro, the dictator of Cuba, and his troops and
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