The 1960s Was A Time Of Great Development

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The 1960s was a time of great development. After the conformity and fear that controlled people in the 1950s, many people began breaking loose and acting out in ways never seen before. The 1950s brought the severe threat of nuclear war and fear of communism which caused extreme conformity. However, with the onset of the Cold War, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Vietnam War certain people were extremely determined to change the views of the world and stand up for what they believed in. One of the largest groups of individuals pushing for change were Hippies. Hippies were a unique group of young individuals who began to break out in their own ways in the country. They were the most extreme anti-conformists. They were the people of the…show more content…
The clothing they wore was often loose-fitting and made out of natural fibers. Men and women let their hair grow long and used very few products for personal hygiene. Their style was alternative and holistic. The counterculture’s style was a way for the hippies to show their anti conformist views on life since they weren’t dressing the way the rest of the country was. The rest of the population was moving towards a more modern style of patterned outfits and brighter colors, while the hippies wore their baggy clothes made of natural products like hemp. As time went on, more and more people began to break away from society’s belief on how the population should act, especially the young adults. In 1968, scientist Lewis Yablonsky published a book where he stated about 400,000 people were members of the counterculture movement. The Vietnam War showed the crack which was the generation gap. Parents wanted young men going to fight for the country and believed it was their son’s duty to serve. The younger generation grew up differently and believed they had more options for themselves. These young people publicly disapproved of the war. Hippie people who participated in the movement believed they should live their lives according to what they wanted and had a “if it feels good, do it” attitude. Hippies were anti war and anti conformity and the counterculture movement embraced new ideas on life and tried to find a bigger meaning. Their general ideas were love, personal
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