The 1964 Operating System by IBM Essay

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Why the 1964 Operating System by IBM was so important to how computers are made today?
Gary Tibbals
Fountainhead College of Technology

During a press release April 7, 1964 IBM Board Chairman Thomas J. Watson Jr. announced this was the most important product in the company’s history. (unknown, IBM, 1964). IBM knew that this was a special system due to how the system support was on a wide array of applications and it was the first operating system to require direct-access storage devices. (Hosch, 2014) The system was so successful other manufactures start trying to reproduce a similar machine. The impact of this operating system goes without saying was a turning point in the history of operating systems, but what made this
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This allowed customers to pick what would work for them in their environment. (Hosch, 2014) With IBM’s 360 machine came the Solid State Technology, Memory Power, Application versatility, and Communications capabilities that we had not seen. These technologies led the way for other companies to improve upon those technologies and make them better. Solid State Technology which is the integrated chip has gotten even smaller to where our computers are now the size of cell phones. Memory Power is not mere kilobytes any more it is measured in Gigabytes or Terabytes. Applications are not bound to 1 or even 3 running on a computer anymore there are 5 and more running at any given time making one machine very modular and versatile. Communication capabilities are no longer a want or a way to make computing easier it is a must that you are able to communicate to your machine from other areas to be efficient. (unknown, IBM, 1964) These are just some of the things IBM’s 360 mainframe operating system introduced to help get the age of the operating system started. During this time other companies such as Hitachi and DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) were making their own head way of the 360 technology allowing them to make their mark in the computing age. IBM had high hopes for their OS 360 when they were marketing what it could do to help with small business
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