The 1972 Munich Olympics Hostage Crisis Essay

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September 5, 1972:Violence in the Village A Day That Changed Sports and Its Story in The New York Times "9 Israelis on Olympic Team Killed With 4 Arab Captors As Police Fight Band That Disrupted Munich Games," screamed the headline of the front page of The New York Times. The attack occurred during the wee hours of September 5, 1972, but news of the crisis, although widespread on television sets across the world, would not reach The New York Times until September 6. When it did reach the papers, it was clear that something had gone wrong. Very wrong. The New York Times first reported this event as a mind-boggling screw-up, and in the days that followed, reported on the manner in which the international community retaliated. In…show more content…
An article titled "Gate-Crashing at Village Easy Despite the Guards" states that, "Anyone who wants to crash the Olympic Village badly enough, as Arab guerrillas did early this morning in search of Israeli athletes and officials, can succeed without difficulty." Additionally, The New York Times would report that the guerrillas snuck in weakly disguised as athletes armed with a cache of weapons in duffle bags. These men, as a diagram of the Olympic Village shows, did not have to go far to find the Israelis after easily entering the compound. Red Smith, sports editorialist, was livid at Olympic Organizers for their lack of attention to detail, and due to the fact that the Games continues until 4:00 PM on the day of the attacks. "The men who run the Olympics are not evil men. Their shocking lack of awareness can't be due to callousness." He adds, "It has to be stupidity." The New York Times put security under the microscope on day one of reporting the story, and would continue to do so for several days. Security was not the only problem under the microscope. sIn an article titled "Head of U.N. Condemns Raid as a `Dastardly Act'", The New York Times printed a quote blaming Arab nations for the attack. The quote and others like it seemed to suggest that if the Arab nations that harbor terrorists were more proactive in eliminating terrorism in their nations, then the whole conflict could

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