The 1975: A Short Story

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The cool autumn trees blew into the wind and my feet took me slowly to place i didn't want to be. My mothers house.

When i walked into the creaking wooden door, a blast of cat urine hit me in the face but the thing was, we didn't own any cats. I knew what she was doing so i ran up the stairs. I shut my door and threw my bag onto the bed. I grabbed my phone and started blasting the 1975 through the speakers.
My only comfort now was music, and of course writing and photos.
My mother screamed my name, how am i so good at guessing what's gonna happen next.

I took long dreadful steps downstairs and see my mother sitting on the couch doing something kids would run away to.

“Hey mom, how was your day?’
“What do you think? She slurs with sarcasm.
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“WHATEVER MOM GO BACK TO BEING A DRUGGIE,” I scream and run up to my room and slam my door.
Before i know it my eyes are tearing up and THE 1975 is in my ears.

I wake up the next morning and brush my long brunette hair. I put some light makeup on and throw a pair of skinny jeans with a blue t-shirt.

I grab my bag and walk to school.
When I walk into first period i grab a desk near the back and open “ The wind blows backwards.”
The rest of the day goes by fairly quickly and i decided to go to the football field bleachers and read so wouldn't have to go home to my mother.
10 minutes into my book a familiar look catches my eye and i immediately regret coming here.
Connor Rambo. The biggest jock in the whole state.
He has a football in his hand and a pair of gym shorts on.
I start putting my things away and I hear loud steps in the metal bleachers. oh god what could he possibly want.
“Hey d whatcha doing”
“Just leaving”, I say and start walking down the bleachers”
“Hey slow down there race car, you just got here” Connor says.
“Well I'm leaving now and how'd you know I just got here, we're you stalking me?” I
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Wait a second why am I talking to him right now, why am I laughing with him right now!
“Um I need I need to go my mom's waiting” I lie and quickly run down the steps before he can say anything else.

Me and Connor have 2nd and lunch together but he rarely talks to me and when he does it's because he needs help.
I don't know why he came up to me. Probably because nobody was there to see him ruin his ego by talking to a loser.
I'm still confused as to why he did talk to me.
On friday i decided to stay again and connor was there. He was walking up to me.
“Hey dakota, you left me hanging the other day. What was that about?’ He said in his deep voice.
“I told you, my mom was waiting for
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