The 1980 Miracle on Ice

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The most memorable moment in hockey history came thirty-four years ago with the 1980 Miracle on Ice. The Americans defeating the dominant Soviet team at the Olympics was not only an important triumph for USA Hockey, but for the entire nation. Contrary to popular belief, the underdog win was not only the result of a miracle; it was also the result of a hard-working team led by Coach Herb Brooks. With increasingly negative views on the position of the United States in the Cold War, the Miracle on Ice and the gold medal win lifted the spirits of the nation and brought hockey into the American spotlight. In 1980, it seemed like the United States was not as dominant in the world as it had been before. The Cold War between the United States and…show more content…
The Americans kept playing to the buzzer, and Mark Johnson was able to put a goal past the unexpecting Soviets with one second remaining in the period. The only goal in the second period would be scored by the Soviets, giving them a three to two lead into the final period of play. In the third period, Johnson scored again to tie the game at three. With ten minutes left in the game, Mike Eruzione scored the go-ahead goal for the Americans, making the score four to three. With solid play in net by goaltender Jim Craig, the Americans were able to keep the Soviets from tying the game in the remaining minutes (“MIRACLE ON ICE”). In the final seconds of the game, TV broadcaster Al Michaels asked the people of the United States, “Do you believe in miracles?” The American hockey just did the seemingly impossible; they defeated the most dominant nation in the sport. Two days after the game that would later be called the Miracle on Ice, the United States defeated Finland four to two to capture the 1980 Olympic gold medal (Gorman 1287).
The Miracle on Ice will be remembered one of the most important events in American history, as stated by Dave Ogrean: “For people who were born between 1945 and 1955, they know where they were when John Kennedy was shot, when man walked on the moon, and when the USA beat the Soviet Union in Lake Placid” (qtd. in Allen). The win lifted the country’s

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