The 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team

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People consider the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team to be one of the greatest things to happen in U.S Olympic history. Their game against the Soviets is known as "The Miracle on Ice." The world was stunned when the United States defeated the Soviets in the semi-final game of the 1980 Olympics. The Soviets hadn't been beaten in the gold medal game in years. This miracle game is still greatly known around the world and will not be forgotten by Americans any time soon. In an article titled, "This "Miracle on Ice" is considered to be the single most incredible moment in all of U.S. sports history. When coach Herb Brooks was made the team's coach, he spent a lot of time reviewing and searching for the right people for the team. Seeing as…show more content…
They had to keep in their minds that they had to get back at the Soviets. After going undefeated in round robin play, the United States had to head into the semi-final game where they would face the Soviets. Its almost impossible to imagine what was going through their heads. They had to be very excited to finally get a change for revenge and beat the Soviets, but at the same time they had to be scared to death, knowing that just two weeks before, they had gotten absolutely dominated losing to the Soviets 10-3. In an article written by fact monster it shows the United States through their round robin play. The first game that the United States played was against Sweden. The United States had trailed the game 2-1 throughout the third period. The U.S. came together and didnt give up. A last-minute goal by Bill Baker salvaged a 2-2 tie. A 7-3 win over Czechoslovakia boosted confidence. The momentum grew with victories against Norway and Romania and a 4-2 comeback win over Germany. Germany had beaten the United States 4-1 in the 1976 Olympic games. Going undefeated in the round robin play helped the U.S. believe that they could do it. All they had to do ws have the right mind set. As long as they focused on what they had to do and how to fix the problems from the last game against the Soviets, the U.S. would be able to give them a game. Through the round robin play the U.S. had came together as a team and worked together to accomplish the main

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