The 1997 Film Adaptation Of Lolita

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#1 The 1997 film adaptation of Lolita centres around the romance between middle-aged professor Humbert Humbert and a (very, very) young girl named Dolores Haze. Taking place in 1947, the story starts when Humbert, a French literature professor, begins living with the recently widowed Charlotte Haze. Being attracted to young girls his whole life, Humbert marries Charlotte to be around her daughter Dolores, who he calls “Lo”. Humbert and Lo then proceed to run away and go on a sex-filled motel hopping road trip before eventually settling in Beardsley, a college town where Humbert gets a teaching job. Lo, becoming increasing bored with Humbert and seeking adventure, leaves Humbert for a writer named Clare Quilty. Three years pass and Humbert receives a letter from Lo asking him for money. Quilty had tried to convince her to star in the child pornography he was producing, and when she refused, abandoned her. Now with Lo married and pregnant, Humbert tries to convince her to leave her husband to no avail. He then tracks down and murders Quilty. As the film ends, Humbert dies in prison awaiting trial and Dolores dies from complications in childbirth. The film was Directed by Adrian Lyne, known for the cult-classic horror film Jacob’s Ladder, as well as box-office hits Fatal Attraction and Indecent Proposal. Jeremy Irons co-stars as Humber Humbert alongside Dominique Swain, who plays Dolores Haze. The film was released in 1997, which was 35 years after Kubrick’s film adaptation of

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