Essay about The 1999 Immigration and Asylum Seekers Act

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The 1999 Immigration and Asylum Seekers Act

To begin with this essay will give reasons why the 1999 Immigration and Asylum Seekers Act was introduced, also the measures put in place to deal with this issue. Secondly, the measures Labour implemented to tackle this asylum issue, the affect of the voucher scheme on social welfare and its criticism’s. Additionally this essay will explore the affects of the Enforced Dispersal element of the 1999 Act and it’s implications for the asylum seekers and the local authorities, next the essay with cover the problems of the Asylum Seekers Act, the influences that make up policy looking at implementation and evaluation of policy, also exploring the historical
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The numbers of people claiming asylum had increased rapidly from 37 000 in 1996 to 41 500 in 1997 and 68 000 in 1998 the backlog of continuous cases made it inevitable for the newly formed Labour government to implement a fundamental review of the immigration system, (Solomos, 2004: 71).

Under the 1999 Immigration and Asylum Act asylum seekers are no longer entitled to benefits or support under provisions of the National Assistance Act. In its place, the Home Office formed a new department called the National Asylum Support Service (NASS) this offered help to asylum seekers outside mainstream UK welfare services. The introduction of the voucher scheme instead of cash benefits was one of the main measures of the scheme applying to asylum seekers who were either homeless or living in poverty, the vouchers were worth up to thirty seven pounds and used at certain supermarkets and charity shops entitling asylum seekers to buy particular products like food or clothing for which no change was given, also the vouchers was not redeemable. The voucher scheme was designed to stop the flow of asylum seekers entering the UK. To illustrate this point here is an example from

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