The 19th Amendment : Women's Rights

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The 19th Amendment is about women's rights. Women gained the right to vote when this amendment was ratified. This amendment was passed to show that women were slowly gaining the same rights as men. My article is titled “3 female jail guards sue Dart.” It is about how these guards would be sexually harassed by the prisoners, but the male supervisors chose to ignore the problem. The male supervisors when confronted with the problem by the guards would often say that it is part of the job and they signed up for it. Supervisors would also say if you do not like it then leave and the prisoners are locked up so what do you expect? The chief policy officer said that if these comments are true then it is exceptionally unfortunate. Smith stated that this problem is not new to the prison in the United States. But, she also said that in other prisons female guards do not face this problem with the prisoners. This relates to the Constitution because even though it is not about voters rights for women it is about the treatment of women in this country. For example, if you have a man working in a female prison this would never happen because of the culture we have surrounded ourselves in this country. Another example that this is a culture thing is because look at all of the directors who would sexually assault women because they are in a position of power. I think this is similar to how racism is a part of this country. It will not be solved because there will always be people who
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