The 2000 Meter Row Essay

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Case study: The 2000-Meter Row: A Case in Homeostasis Study Questions- At the start: #1. What is responsible for raising Jim's heart and respiratory rate and stimulating sweat just before the race? When the race is almost ready to begin, Jim's nervous system sends signals to his heart causing his respiratory rate to increase. Since Jim's heart and respiratory rate increases this causes him to breathe more rapidly and causes him to sweat to maintain a normal body temperature. #2. Why is the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system active just before the race? When Jim is about to start the race he feels the pressure and the stress of having to do his best which makes his autonomic nervous system more active due to the…show more content…
Jim’s body has slowed down and was giving 80% body effort while ignoring the pain. #2. What changes in Jim's muscles promote unloading of O2 from hemoglobin for use by the muscles cells? When Jim's muscles and cells are feeling the burning sensation this is caused by the O2 from hemoglobin when these cells are being used excessively. He used up his hemoglobin by vigorously rowing the boat up to its maximum speed. This causes the muscles to use his oxygen within the cells so the body could maintain homeostasis. #3. Why do Jim's muscles feel like they are burning? The reason that Jim's muscles are feeling the burning sensation is because they are experiencing sensory info from his nervous system. This feeling is due to the increase of activity and fatigue occurring because he over exerted his body. Also his body has been using his glycogen within the cells which make lactic acid which causes the burn Jim is experiencing. #4. What conflict is produced between Jim's need to keep his body cool and his need to remove nitrogenous wastes from his blood? What did he do before the race to help alleviate this conflict? The conflict between keeping his body cool and his need to remove nitrogenous wastes is hydration vs.
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