The 2004 Movie Drama ‘ Crash ‘ Is Directed By Paul Haggis,

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The 2004 movie drama ‘ Crash ‘ is directed by Paul Haggis, and it has a tremendous impact on human diversity. The movie addresses the problems that occur in today’s society such as: prejudice, racism, discrimination, racial profiling and stereotyping. The film explores the issues of social perceptions and how it can play a role in how one will perceive others. Usually when this happens there is no way of changing their minds about the individual(s). This type of behavior is common in society when people prejudge others. In the movie, it will focus on how people make assumptions about individuals without actually knowing them. The characters in the movie clearly made it a point of making all types of assumptions about the individuals they…show more content…
The film starts off with a car accident which goes back to yesterday. An Iranian male tries to purchase bullets from the gun owner when the gun owner begins to make racist comments towards the man which upsets him and things begin to escalate. Two young male’s leaves a restaurant because they feel as though they were not treated fairly due to their race. As they leave the restaurant they try to analyze the situation, when a white couple walks in their direction. The woman feels threatened by the males and clinches her purse. The male notice the woman’s reaction and they carjacks the couple’s vehicle. In the mist of things they did not realize that they had hit a Korean man. The couple has their home locks changed and the locksmith happens to be a Hispanic male that has a shaved head and tattoos. Judging by his appearance the woman makes comments like “he is a gangbanger” and wants to have the locks changed again because she does not trust him.
An officer pulls over a vehicle driven by a black couple that does not fit the description of the carjacking. The officer uses his authority and begins to harass the couple; he begins to sexually fondle the woman. The woman was scared, upset and felt violated because her husband did not protect her in a way that he should of. Meanwhile, the officer’s partner is disgusted by how his partner treats the couple.
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