The 2008 Recession: Zoellner Garten & Co.

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The 2008 recession was especially hard on small businesses, giving a strong advantage to entrepreneurs interested in buying a business. However, recent trends have led to a stabilization of the market, restoring some of the leverage back to business owners who wish to sell. Zoellner Garten & Co., serving Cincinnati-area business owners and buyers since 1988, explain why the market is improving for everyone.

According to the latest figures, small business revenue has increased significantly since the recession, which gives owners selling a business the ability to put a higher valuation on their enterprise and receive more in closing than just a few years ago. The median cash flow and revenue of these businesses has remained strong, giving investors a sense of security when buying a business for a higher price.
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Many of those selling are interested in retiring, while improving economic conditions worldwide have given a larger pool of buyers the means and risk tolerance to buy an established business. The resulting balanced market gives both parties more value for the transaction, increasing more activity and generating more sales activity.

Both selling a buying a business is a complex activity, which puts significant assets and large sums of money at risk. Over the years, Zoellner Garten & Co. have maintained a nationwide network of contacts, helping them arrange your transaction quickly and effectively. Whether you're buying a business for the first time or looking for mergers and acquisitions experts to help with the most complex arrangement, you can depend on their expertise to ensure the outcome you're looking for.

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