The 2009 Intrusion on Google's Network

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The 2009 Intrusion on Google's Network Technology is consistently evolving. With this evolution comes great new innovation that empowers users all around the globe. However, it also brings completely new and ever-dangerous threats. In 2009, Google found that technology had brought such threats right into its networks. The company was one of many that were targeted by a very highly sophisticated attack to steal intellectual property undetected, rather than to just interrupt service or destroy data. Google had found itself a victim of an international malware attack aimed at stealing source code and spying on human rights activists in China. News of the attack first broke at the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010. Google was the first to announce that it had been a victim of such a sophisticated attack measure, although it was certainly not the last. Essentially, a general overview of the intrusion illustrates that Google was one many primary targets, as there were reports of over 34 technology, financial, and defense companies that were also included in the attack (Zetter 1). The attacks were targeting information, financial, and defense service companies utilizing very sophisticated and stealthy malware codes. The entire attack was later known as Operation Aurora, and is one of the most damaging cyber attacks in contemporary history (Zetter 1). It was dubbed this name "by McAfee due to the belief that this is the name the hackers used for their mission" (Zetter 1).
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