The 2015 Summer Season Of Anime

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Hello there everyone, the Gentleman Snark is here again to bring you a first impressions of another anime. The 2015 Summer Season of anime is an interesting one it has given us many well received anime. However, without further adieu let us jump right into this anime.I hope you love mysteries as we get into Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace. Ranpo Kitan is an anime written by Makoto Uezu, produced by Lerche, and was directed by Seiji Kishi. The anime was inspired by the works of Edogawa Ranpo(Taro Hirai), who was a Japanese author who played a major in Detective Fiction on Japan. Edogawa is pretty up there with the classic mystery writers such as Doyle and Poe, but I digress. This is very interesting because it would explain a few things about the anime. From the very names of the characters themselves. Anyone who has read a bit of Edogawa’s work will understand what I mean. There is no manga adaptation at this time, but I do recommend you read Edogawa’s work….if at all possible. The story spares no expense getting to the point as it basically starts with our androgynous main character, Kobayashi, getting framed for murder he didn’t commit. With all the questions and interrogation Kobayashi claims to be innocent. It is here we meet the second main character, Akechi, who is a 17-year-old genius Detective that solves cases for fun. Then there is the third character, Hashiba, but he is more of an overprotective friend of Kobayashi. After a

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