The 2016 Arizona Threat Identification Risk Assessment

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Across the United States, there have been natural and human-caused disasters which have led to increasing levels of death, injury, property damage, and more affecting business and government services. In addition, the negative impact causes an even immense impact on families and individuals. People and property in the state of Arizona are at risk from a variety of hazards that have the potential for causing widespread loss of life and damage to property, infrastructure and the environment. The 2016 Arizona Threat Identification Risk Assessment (THIRA) are the results of a collaborative effort by the Arizona Department of Homeland Security, Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs-Division of Emergency Management, and Arizona…show more content…
Technology has allowed for instant communication to be held between different states, and even internationally. However, with all the new abilities technology has offered, also, opens the doors to many criminal predators. Technology has open gates for criminals to make crimes using technology, whether it be utilizing the computer or a cell phone the threat of cybersecurity is currently one of the biggest hazards for the state of Arizona. Daily, Arizona faces cybersecurity threats, these emerging threats has forced the state of Arizona to quickly strengthen cybersecurity capabilities. Cybersecurity was created to protect electronic communications systems and services from damage, unauthorized use, and exploitation (Arizona State Emergency Response and Recovery Plan, 2017). By implementing risk-informed guidelines would maintain compliance, regulation, and standard to improve cybersecurity. By implementing community partnership in engaging in educating programs on how to protect against cybercrimes, would hopefully reduce the risk of individuals becoming victims to cybercrimes. In the United States, floods are one of the most common hazards and constitute a real danger in Arizona. Flood/flash flooding can be local, impacting a neighborhood or community, or very large, affecting entire river basins and multiple states (Arizona State Emergency Response and Recovery Plan, 2017). In the event of flood/flash flooding response
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