The 2016 Super Bowl : An Iconic Game For A Number Of Reasons

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The 2016 Super Bowl was an iconic game for a number of reasons. It was the 50th Super Bowl, the first time a quarterback had won the Super Bowl playing on two different franchise teams, and it was potentially Peyton Manning’s last game . However, among all the excitement of the Super Bowl, some less than stellar allegations floated back to the surface about Peyton Manning. According to Jamie Naughright who in 1997 was a trainer at the University of Tennessee, where Manning played college football, Manning allegedly placed his testicles, buttocks, and rectum on Naughright’s face without her consent in the locker-room. Denying those allegations, Manning states that he was simply mooning another male player in the locker-room, and Naughtright caught sight of Manning’s bare bottom. Manning further explains that he did not intend for Naughtright to see him naked. After the alleged assault, Naughright reported the incident to the University and received little to no support. Manning and the incident itself were never fully investigated, and no consequences were established. Naughright believes there was such little response to her sexual assault claim because Manning was the star of the university’s football team and their golden boy. Male collegiate athletes are not the only sex offenders on college campuses but the perpetuation of rape culture among them is increasing, and both schools and the surrounding communities are handling the cases improperly. Although rape

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