The 20th Century - The Most Violent Century of All Time. Essay

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The progress made in the 20th century is staggering. Advancements in science, medicine and technology alone have brought incalculable benefits to human beings. Yet on the darker side, the 20th century was also the most violent time of human history. Two world wars, the massacres of Stalin, the Holocaust of Hitler, and many other such events killed over hundreds of millions of people and inflicted extreme suffering on hundreds of millions more that will make this period in time and period that will be remembered forever. The century had a trend toward weapon improvements. It wasn't until the 20th century that weapons became common in war and on the streets. The 20th century brought automatic firearms, missiles, and nuclear warheads.…show more content…
Some were left to die in concentration camps and many others were killed in a line fashion in concentration camps. This hideous time in human history became known as the Holocaust. This was a horrible type of violence that should outrage us. Hitler, in my thought and also be seen in the book “Physicists”. The doctor spies on Mobies, to figure out his knowledge and she wants to take over the world with it. She always says how much power she has and how much money she has. This represents militarism and she is going to establish a dictatorship and dominate the earth and the noble people walk right into the trap. Violence has influenced lives because violence isn't as what it used to be. As a race we have become more tolerant of violence. People own guns because they feared somebody else with a gun will try to rob or kill them so they defend themselves. We deal with hearing and reading about war or violence every single day, even if we don't pay attention or notice it, it's still there. People in the 20th century had to choose whether to run or face the violence and these voices didn’t go unheard. There were many arts and literature that were taken from the war that showed the true cruelty behind all this. One of the most well known survivors of the Holocaust was Elie Wiesel who wrote the book “Night” where she described her traumatic experiences in a graphic and terrifying way. A philosopher known as Sartre greatly influenced existentialism in this

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