The 21st Century Communication And Technology

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Introduction:- In the era of 21st century communication and technology has provide the faster means of growth in most of the business sectors, all across the worlds which provide better quality of goods with help of fast transportation system. Now a days Manufacturing companies has to become very competitive amongst its rivalry competitors for its long term growth and to gain its market value which lead them to deliver its high quality goods to its customers which lead to reduce delivery time so that it can attract large number of customers which results in huge demand of their products. Market additionally require more product variants that means decreased lot size and high flexibility in operations. Yet, the industry needs to keep up expenses at sensible cost. Going up against these challenges companies organisations worldwide are compelled to find ways to reduce expenses, enhance quality, and meet the changing needs of their clients. One effective arrangement has been the adoption of Just-in-time(JIT) manufacturing technique in which numerous functional zones of organisation such as manufacturing ,engineering and marketing are included. Just-in-time(JIT) may be depicted as an augmentation of the original concept dealing with a material flow in a factory to decrease the stock levels. Actually, there is much more included in assembling/manufacturing associations than diminishing inventories to control costs. Assembling needs to manage different issues such as:- 1.
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