The 21st Century Journalist 's Creed Essay

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The 21st Century Journalist’s Creed
“The Journalist’s Creed” by Walter Williams is one of the most important documents ever published for journalism. Its values of accuracy, fairness, and above all are still some of the main ideas of journalism today. But, much like other important documents throughout history, it is meant to be interpreted in different ways for different centuries. While its values still are very important in today’s journalism, it was written 100 years ago. It was written in a time without television, without the Internet, and without social media applications. Anyone with a social media application can “perform” the functions of journalism and it raises questions of accountability and accuracy for journalism as a whole. We must take a look at “The Journalist’s Creed” and rewrite it to include some ideas from the original and add others that can be used in the age of technology.
Walter Williams highlights a few key ideas in his journalism creed, one of which is the profession of journalism. Truthfulness, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and accountability to the public are just a few of the main principles that go along with the idea of a professional journalist. Truthfulness is very important in journalism because they are here to serve the public and to give the public false information can lead to the decay of journalism as a whole. If journalists start putting out false ideas, or facts, then the citizens will start to question everything a

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