The 21st Century Manager Needs More

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The 21st century manager has an immense importance in the workplace because; they have the responsibility to make sure teams are working effectively to develop and achieving individual goals in the workplace, to meet them business aims and objectives.
In this essay, I will firstly attempt to analyze and evaluate the importance of teams in the 21st century, drawing upon the theories and research around group development and teams achieving individual and group organizational objectives. workplace environment. Secondly, the different types of impacts that the 21st century encountered such as globalization, technology and culture and patterns of working. Finally, I will finish with a reflection and a concluding paragraph which I will give my opinion on the topic.
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Teams have a vital importance in the 21st century with the economy getting worse (Mr Osborne, September 9th, 2013) who is an mp stated that “The economic collapse was even worse than we thought. Repairing it will take even longer than we hoped”.
Business of the 21st century need to employee staff which are skilled and educated for instance, “The skills required at work, increasing demand for skilled, educated workers” (bell 1973), (Tracey…
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