The ' 28th Id And The Elements Of The 11 Acr

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The 28th ID and the elements of the 11 ACR that were with them were aware of the bombing sortie and were able to dig in before it. They had protection in the event an errant bomb hit them. Teams of the 19th Special Forces Group continued operations, ignoring their own safety, to maneuver around the Army of the Potomac and collect intelligence on new formations. They noticed that two Brigades left the AO heading east and west respectively, with two Brigades leading the spear head in the center. From a safe distance they were able to see the carnage that rained down on the two Battalions that were in the lead. The 19th SF teams reported back exact locations through their chain-of-command, which pushed it back to the Pentagon and the…show more content…
It was true they had limited visibility moving down the dirt roads, not to mention the sound of the tracked vehicles carried quite a ways in the dark, but it would be difficult to ascertain exactly where the track noise was coming from. The Bradley’s would make the run through the rear, while tanks would take up overlooking positions and use their 120mm cannons fire on targets of opportunity. The entire operation was scheduled to run ten to fifteen minutes and then they would retreat as fast as possible through the gap they had come through, assuming of course they hadn’t filled it by then. The Bradley’s took position on the woods, about a quarter mile from their objective. They waited for the tanks to get into their over-watch position, which took another ten minutes. Each vehicle was fitted with radios that allowed for them to communicate up to two miles. Once the tanks were in position they gave the ‘go’ to the Bradley’s. The Bradley’s made their final checks, and then moved out, because their target was Fifth Brigade’s Command Post and its accompanying vehicles. Once near the CP the Bradley’s stopped. They had a new type of low powered beacon on top of their respective vehicles, which would identify the vehicle as friend or foe. Word went out over the radio net to engage, engage, fire at will! Each Bradley had a primary target they were
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