The 3 Houses Of Theu.s Government

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The 3 houses of the U.S Government The houses consist of the Judicial, Legislative, and Executive branches. The foundation of these separated powers are based on the U.S Constitution. Originally modified from the Articles of Confederation. The limited but functional Articles of Confederation was revised because our founding fathers from 1788 had collective action problems. Like gun control, military, taxes, personal rights etc. Because of these issues James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay and several others constructed the U.S Constitution. What came with the constitution is the first house, known as the Supreme Court. The second house is where Congress gather committees and sub committees to aid law making. And the last house is the President. The houses all have different duties and each decision must be approved by one or both parties. Also known as checks and balances. This is crucial because there is no one branch holding too much power. In this paper I am going to discuss three examples of checks and balances between the three houses. The Powerful Supreme Court These judges are experts in law and are the decision makers of whether or not a decision made by the president and congress is unconstitutional. There are 5 associate judges with 1 Chief Justice. These judges are appointed by the president and then confirmed by congress. Also included with keeping the president and congress in check. They get to serve as judges for the rest of their lives if they
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