Essay on The 3D Printer

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Project description

The 3D printer is quickly beginning to revolutionise the way people can become their own engineer. 3D printing is a quick and convenient way to create prototypes and models, as well as building replacement parts and new creations out of ABS plastic. The UP Plus 2, made by 3D Printing Systems, is the new and improved version of the previous model, the UP Plus. Made in 2013, it was to be completely redesigned and be made faster, more accurate and easier to use for the consumer in comparison to the original. The 3D printer is an example of a combination of mechanical and electrical engineering, which are my disciplines of interest.

I have used a 3D printer quite a lot, and I find that it is so useful for making little things that you can’t go out and buy. I have worked on modelling projects for school and designed custom-made things for around the house. This could be the future – creating objects and having parts at your disposal in your home or office. Models can be drawn up with most 3D modelling software, and some programs, such as Google SketchUp are free and easy to use. This makes the Up Plus 2 easy for the consumer to use and makes modelling and designing more convenient with accurate results.

Role of a typical engineer

An engineer is someone who creates and designs things to make either a more sustainable, practical alternative for something already existing, or to create something completely new to meet a need. An engineer takes problem and…