The 4 P 's Of The Marketing Mix

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The 4 P’s of the Marketing Mix

The Marketing Mix refers to the controllable parts of the marketing process that can be used to influence a consumer to buy. It also helps a brand to establish a name and distinguish itself from competitors. Marketing is often thought to be just a method of selling or advertising. This idea traces back to the early days of advertising when the primary goal of a marketing campaign was to help a seller sell more product. This is no longer the case in the modern world. While marketing is still used to drive and increase sales, the primary focus has shifted to creating a seamless buying process which helps the buyer buy more efficiently. We live in an information age and buyers want to make informed decisions about everything they purchase. The rise of ecommerce means buyers are no longer limited to 2-3 companies offering a product, they can now choose between thousands of retailers. Buyers demand excellent quality products, and they want them for the cheapest available price. Marketing has responded to this change in demands by evolving into a complex blend of communication and creativity that supports the mutually beneficial exchange of goods or services between interested parties. When we begin to analyze marketing, we can see that is an art which requires a skilled professional at the helm of the campaign. The 4P’s of marketing, an idea introduced in 1964 by Jerome McCarthy, can be used as method of increasing business profitability. In fact,
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