The 40 Studies That Changed Psycho

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For our second writing assignment, I have chosen Reading 37 (A Prison By Any Other Name) from the 40 Studies that Changed Psychology: Explorations into the History of Psychological Research by Roger Hock. Holding the belief that humans have the tendency to engage in behaviors that are utterly different from their usual selves under the influences of the environment / situation, the famous psychologist, Philip Zimbardo set out an experiment to test his hypothesis by placing randomly assigned “normal” college students into a simulated prison environment. With the hope to simulate a prison experience that resemble real-life jail situation, Philip Zimbardo and his crew transformed the basement of the Stanford University’s psychology building into…show more content…
On the other hand, the guards were treated differently from the inmates as they were given identical guard-style uniforms, reflective sunglasses that aimed to provide them an authoritative, secretive appearance and the freedom to live their normal lives when they were not on their 8-hour shifts. The independent variable of the “Stanford Prison” study is the roles into the participants were randomly assigned to in the mock prison environment, while the dependent variable of this study is the behavior measures, he emotional measures of mood and pathology, attitudes toward self among these prisoners and guards. The findings of this experiment were absolutely mind-blowing. The mock prison environment turned into a reality and the roles assigned to these college students became their real identities (either prisoners or guards). The guards treated the prisoners with no mercy, coming up with creative ways of breaking the prisoners’ spirit. Meanwhile, all the prisoners seemed to forget that they do have the rights to quit the study anytime they intend to, instead they submissively accepted and conformed to the rules set by the guards, including the sadistic and degrading treatments from the
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