The 5 Location Chain Of Family Friendly Water Parks

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Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts is a 5-location chain of family-friendly water parks. Started in New Braunfels, Texas, in 1966 by Bob and Billye Henry, Schlitterbahn has grown tremendously popular, causing the Henry family to open three more locations in Texas and one in Kansas City. This promotion plan will focus on the Kansas City, Kansas location. Schlitterbahn Kansas City has become a huge hit with locals and visitors to the Kansas City area. A large part of the fame is due to Verruckt, the world 's tallest waterslide. At 168 feet, the Verruckt is an exciting ride that draws thrill riders from all over the country. The park also has other family-friendly attractions such as numerous tube slides, lazy rivers, large swimming areas, and kid-friendly play structures.
Schlitterbahn Kansas City has used a myriad of techniques to increase park-goers since the opening in 2009. Various promotional events have run including the National Boogie Bahn Competition, and numerous Season Pass deals. Schlitterbahn is currently promoting its 2017 Season Passes. Schlitterbahn also participates in numerous events to gain publicity. Schlitterbahn gives away tickets to be auctioned off for charity, specifically the charities creating a better future for children. Schlitterbahn advertises to a small niche of people. Schlitterbahn creates short videos for YouTube highlighting some of the attractions at Schlitterbahn. These videos have a small viewership, most averaging about 2,000 viewers
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