The 5 Love Languages : The Secret Of Love

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Dr. Gary Chapman is the author of the book entitled, The 5 love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts. Dr. Chapman’s expertise in marriage started from his own life experiences between him and his wife Karolyn, whom which he has been married to for 45 years. In addition, he has over 45 years of pastoring and marriage counseling, which led him to publish this book along with other series (Gary Chapman, n.d.). The purpose of this book is to identify the different love languages that individuals may speak to one another. In addition to this, we as individuals must develop effective love communication to further understand our spouses. The love language between our spouses and ourselves may differ. Therefore, we must be
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An example of words of affirmation is, “your dress looks good on you, your beautiful”. Also, using encouraging words can be used to help you establish a healthy relationship with your spouse. We should be cautious that our encouraging words do not turn into pressures for something we want. Our encouraging words can sometime be perceived as rejection instead of an act of love. The words we use should further develop and push the interests that our partner already has. Evidence from the text, to support this point comes from a situation involving Allison. Allison’s husband encouraged her to submit her articles to magazines, after being rejected for her writings in the past. By him reading her articles and encouraging her gave her the strength to submit her new work to magazines. A few years later, Allison has a many articles that have been published in magazines and a book contract (Chapman, 2015). It took the words of encouragement from her husband to a take an initiative towards her career. In my opinion, the strengths behind the words of affirmative is that it gives your significant other encouragement, to accomplish things in which they are insecure about. In my opinion, a potential problem for words of affirmation is that the encouraging words can turn into your own needs. Also, a problem could be that words of encouragement may not be your primary love language, making it difficult for you to speak it. In relation to a concept
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