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The last article talks about the 59th Unnamed Cave, in Florida. This cave is located in the eastern part of the Florida Panhandle. From the dates of the artifacts and the dates of the glyph, the site was occupied in the Late Woodland period. The cave was discover in 2007 when a group of cave explorer saw fine engravings on the wall. This site was the first cave art site that was found in Florida and it is the second rock art site that was found in the states. Rock art is very rare in Florida, but now with the site found there is a wider perspective on the importance of rock art. The site did not only include the petroglyph drawing of the past, but it included some artifacts that was use to help date the time that the cave was occupied.…show more content…
One of the way that we can tell is by looking at the weathering of the image. If the edge of the image is nice and sharp then the engraving is new. If the edges of the engraving is nice and rounded we can safely say that the engraving have been there for a while. The main point of this article is to talk about the findings of the 59th Unnamed Cave in Florida. This cave is interesting because there are very few sites in Florida. This was only one out of the two sites that had rock art in them that is in the state of Florida. I really like this article because instead of just talking about what they see in the petroglyph, the authors actually highlighted the engravings so that it is easier for the readers to see what they are talking about. The other articles I have read only talked about the engraving but they did not really highlighted the engraving which makes it very hard for the reader to see what they were talking about. Another good point of this article is that they showed a comparison between the older cave engraving versus the new engraving. By adding this information it help the reader understand the difference between the two time frame that the engraving was marked. One of the things that I wished this article would have is the radio carbon dating section. The other articles I read about all have some type of radio carbon dating to try to date when the site were occupied. This article only talked about the ceramic sherds that they

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