The 60-Questions From The Latino Leadership Survey Instrument

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Research Design
The research design included the null hypotheses, data collection, discriminate function analysis, chi-square, and the ethical consideration related to this study. The 60 - questions from The Latino Leadership Survey instrument were presented as derived from the original survey used by Latino adults. Only those questions correlated to 8 dependent variables were used when surveying minority at-risk middle school students. Questions from the Children’s Leadership Questionnaire Survey instrument used were particular questions which asked for students’ definition of leadership. The main purposes of a discriminant function analysis were used with the variables to predict group membership. The chi-square statistics were used to
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7. There is no relationship between minority students and women make better leaders than men when controlling for a school district, gender, grade level, grades, ethnicity, and with whom they live.
Data Collection and Analysis The Middle School Leadership Questionnaire was administered. The most current district data were collected from the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) database. The researcher requested district permission and approval for student information from the PEIMS database, only for students with approval from the “Parental Approval Form” to participate in this study. The “Parental Approval Form” was written in both the English and Spanish. The parents’ informed consent and permission forms were collected prior to accessing the student’s participation in this study. Electronic data, from the La Joya Independent School district PEIMS office, included student demographic information, enrollment, attendance data, limited English proficient, Title 1, class level, ethnicity, age, at-risk, and economically disadvantage. Surveys were coded by a numbering system developed by the researcher, to protect the confidentiality of the participants. For student records any identifier for each person were deleted ensuring privacy and anonymity to the researcher
Data Collection Process The researcher obtained permission and approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) from Our Lady of the Lake University,

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