The 66th Oscar For Best Film

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Abstract "Schindler 's List" as the 66th Oscar for best film, adapted from the Australian novelist Thomas • Kennelly’s book "Schindler 's List,”. The movie truly represent of the German entrepreneur Oscar • Schindler during World War II, through various ways exhaust all his property saved more than 1,200 Jews from the rue story of fascist 's killings. The story plots are authentic and make audience really touched. Hereinto the music using, shape and use of the lens and Oscar·Schindler 's character image-building are the three aspects I most admire. Introduction Oscar Schindler, from April 28, 1908 to October 9, 1974, is a German, as well as a successful businessman. He saved the Jews by the use of some mistakes of the German war economy organization. Using the German war, lure the Jews investment, than hire cheap Jews to work for him and in this age of full of killing and smoke and make a fortune of money. At the same time he has protected about 1,200 Jews, about half of Poland survived Jews. Schindler is “small John rabe”. In 1958, Jerusalem’s holocaust memorial announced Schindler as he righteous national people and invited him to plant trees in The Righteous National People Congress. On October 9, 1974, Schindler dead. He was interred at hometown by a Catholicism way and every year there are many respects of his surviving Jews and their offspring to his soul. Body At the start of the movie, an ordinary Jewish family is singing the Choral in a low voice, weak

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