The 7 Ecosystem Functions Between Two Habitats Types

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In order to analyze the data for the 7 ecosystem functions between two habitat types (forest vs. pasture, for example) to address the questions, I am going to use the following statistical analyses: 1. Nested ANOVA, which will tell us the if there is a significant difference of the ecosystem functions between two habitat types. 2. Correlation matrix, which will tell us if there is an association between the microbial respiration and biological nitrogen fixation with the expression and activity of 5 extracellular enzymes. 3. Analysis of beta-diversity patterns of ecosystem functions by principle coordinate analysis (PCoA). 1. Nested ANOVA: Since the question says that “You have collected data on 7 ecosystem functions”, I am assuming I do not need to describe how I have got the data. As far as I understood I just need analyze the data by appropriate statistical method(s). The soil sampling protocol was designed to provide sufficient replication within and across land use types such that statistically rigorous techniques could be used for comparative analysis of the data for7 ecosystem functions. If I tabulate the data for statistical analysis, it should look like the following: Data on each of 7 ecosystem functions (nitrogen fixation rate/respiration rate/ alpha-amylase/lipase/protease/xylanase/pectinase) of two contrasting habitat types Forest Pasture Site-A Site-B Site-C Site-D Site-E Site-F Site-G Site-H Site-I Site-J X1 X4 X7 X10 X13 Y1 Y4 Y7 Y10 Y13 X2 X5 X8 X11 X14
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